Does Gartner say analyst relations is going to be extinct? 

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Join Duncan Chapple, Sarah Shamouelian, and other leaders in analyst relations as we discuss this and much more in our forthcoming analyst relations forum.

As part of our monthly coffee catch-up with your industry peers and Analyst Observatory advisors, this is an open forum where you also get to connect with your industry peers and discuss the latest news in Analyst Relations. 

Date: Tuesday 10th November 9.30 am Pacific, 12.30 Eastern 5.30 pm GMT 6.30 pm CET

Time: 1 hour


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Meet Your Hosts:

Duncan Chapple, Advisor

Duncan, co-director of the Analyst Observatory, launched the annual study in 2002. He is experienced as an analyst relations consultant, former analyst, and an author and Ph.D. researcher writing about analyst relations.

Sarah Shamouelian, Partnerships Advisor

Sarah has been working in research, data and information businesses over the last 15 years. She has a significant background in building strategic B2B partnerships and sales growth with an MBA from Manchester Business School. Sarah will help you identify how to augment and accelerate your AR program.


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